Coastal Expressionism -                       The Power of the Sea

VIP of Southeast Texas | JANE MCBRIDE | JULY 1, 2016

Joey Blazek on the Bolivar Peninsula where he has lived and learned for 60 years and now paints the landscapes of his life - wildlife, industrial, marine, and agricultural scenes of the Gulf Coastal South. 



2016 Rockport Center for the Arts -  Solo Exhibition

KRIS-TV 6 interviews 2016 Rockport Art Festival Poster artist at his Rockport Center for the Arts solo exhibition. 


Preserving Local Landscapes

CAT 5 | BETH RANKIN | MAY 21, 2015

’Round here, you’ll see a lot of paintings of oil derricks, beachscapes and coastal plains.But you won’t see anything like Joey Blazek’s paintings. Heavily inspired by local landscapes, industry and wildlife, Blazek’s paintings use color, texture and light in dynamic and energetic ways, giving us a new take on the beauty in our back yard.