My work is a product of what I have lived and learned the past 60 or so years. I consider myself primarily a regional painter of the Coastal South. I focus on its abundant wildlife and its coexistence with the Gulf Coast’s industrial, maritime and agricultural landscape. I also frequently include some urban pieces like street scenes of New Orleans or other southern coastal cities and towns.

I was born in 1954 in Beaumont, and received a BFA from Lamar University in 1976 in graphic design, including
many extra hours in the fine arts. After graduation, I began working as an art director, later serving as creative director for Vance-Mathews, Inc. By the early 1980s, I started my own design firm, Blazek Design, producing print and electronic media for clients in Beaumont, Houston and Louisiana.

I consider myself a designer first and a painter second. Throughout my career I have worked to create images that are quick to communicate and are pleasing and attractive to the viewer’s eye. And that is exactly what I have continued to do now with the fine art side of my career. Everyday subjects that people might miss along their way are captured on canvas in a way that I hope conveys the beauty I see.