2016 - Solo                                                     Rockport Center for the Arts                         Rockport, TX

2016 - Group
Minnesota Marine Art Museum                    
American Society of Marine Artists North Exhibition
Winona, MN

2016 - Solo
Longview Museum of Fine Arts                   
Longview, TX

2012 - Solo
Art Museum of Southeast Texas Café Arts
Beaumont, TX

I exhibit exclusively at juried festivals. That means I must apply to the show and send digital images of my work with the application every year. Judges for the show review all the applications and decide who will be accepted. Whether I am invited or not can vary every single year as the judges who jury that festival change each year. The best shows will have three or four times as many applications as booths to fill. Filling a year’s schedule can be pretty tricky and I may - or may not - show up where you are used to seeing me. The shows listed here are confirmed for 2017. I’ll add more as they become definite.

GULF BREEZE ART FESTIVAL                           11-12 March                                                          Gulf Breeze, FL

EASTERN SHORE ART FESTIVAL                       18-20 March                                                   Fairhope, AL

RIDGELAND FINE ARTS FESTIVAL                          2-3 April                                                        Ridgeland, MS